We have a very strong design team , that conceptualises the design collections, after researching the fashion forecasts and visiting international fairs for the latest trends in the coming season.

The CAD center, then develops the 3D models using the latest CAD software.

Once it is visualised, the accessory is developed using CAM , and at times, the handcrafted look is specially implemented using the creative skills of the engravers.
  • DIE CASTING: Using high pressure die casting machines, Zamak is injected into a steel mould. We use this method in order to realize our production lots of articles like buckles, knobs, photo frames etc.
  • FUSION IN RUBBER: It is a process by which the molten metal is cast in a siliconic rubber die, where you find an important number of shapes of the same object. It is used in order to produce samples and small production.
  • COINAGE: With the use of powerful presses and a stamp, we engrave a logo on a brass tape that comes subsequently cut into the established shape. The coinage is used in order to produce objects with a lot of particulars and when superficial finishings are demanded.
Many of the accessories are welded or assembled like, for example, the ring behind a buckle or the settings that compose a ornament with strass.
  • FINISHING & VIBRATING: In this phase, the accessories are smoothed with special stones in order to make their surface smooth.
  • POLISHING: Once the surface is prepared by the vibrating method, we proceed to the polishing with buffing wheels and abrasive doughs.
  • ENAMELLING: It is used to make the object precious, with coloured enamels. The enamel is deposited exclusively by hand and subsequently baked in a hot oven.
  • GALVANIC: The pieces are jigged using copper wires, introduced in bathtubs where a metal layer is deposited and that supplies the final finishing of the article. Our plating standards have been accredited with testing laboratories such as: FDDI Testing, India , Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services ( India ) Pvt. Ltd, USA (formally known as MTL USA), SGS, Hamburg .
In the wrapping phase the pieces are checked singularly, always following the instructions given from the customer